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The wiki about Darkstalkers that anyone can edit! December 23, 2016: December 4th, Morrigan announced for Marvel Vs. Infinite is set to be released sometime in 2017. December 23, 2016: December 1st, UDON Entertainment to release Street Fighter VS. January 9th, 2014: Northeast Championship XIV side tournament featuring Vampire Savior is available on Youtube to view. January 9th, 2014: Shoryken is holding a poll for «Best fighting games of 2013».

Darkstalkers Resurrection appears in two sections. Sign ups are 30 minutes prior. April 10th, 2014: All Vampire Savior cast has received addition quotes, Udon translations and original Japanese text. Bugs should be reported to Wikia. Comments, likes or dislikes of it can be left on my message wall. November 5th: Wikia updated to fluid layout. November 1st: Want to find new challengers?